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 Mishika and I were on a rented red Avenger halfway through to Candolim beach. My four friends, two girls and two boys were on other two bikes. We all were singing the Hindi song ‘Dil chahta hai’ aloud on the beautiful curvy roads, enjoying the ride. Mishika and myself have been in a relationship for almost two years now. I mean, she changed her Facebook status almost two years back. And I did the same, or shall I say was forced to do the same an hour after she did it.
   Now let me quickly introduce you to Mishika. Umm.. Mishikaaaa.. She is a bubbly girl who is always the center of attraction wherever she goes. Her top three in the list of priorities are, good food, her looks and obviously, me.

   By the way, I am Rishi. A software engineer by profession and a wanna be entrepreneur.

   Mishika was looking stunningly beautiful in a brown short skirt with a white sleeveless top and a Panama hat she bought especially for this trip. Decoding it in boy’s language, it simply means I would have to take as many pictures as possible in the coming hours. Thank God, we live in a digital age, otherwise half of my salary would have vanished in film rolls.
   It was almost 7 in the evening. The sun was about to bid goodbye, sky colourful and the sea was roaring loud as our bikes touched the parking lot. From there we headed straight towards the restaurant to grab some drinks. From the past three days, we have been satiating our wanderlust, enjoying some amazing food and the brilliant culture this state has to offer. This particular shack was now our daily place of visit.
   “Rishi, let’s go for a walk.” Mishika’s sharp yet sweet voice fell on my ear as I was approaching towards the gate of the restaurant.
   Startled, I turned towards her. I mean going for a walk on a beach is a good idea, but we boys don’t appreciate getting disturbed when we are on our mission ‘having drinks’. My eyes round like an owl, I stared at her with a lame face.
   “Umm.. Okay. But let me grab a beer before that sweetheart,” I said.
   “No please na. Let’s go for a walk and then we will have it, together.” She blinked slowly and softly, with her signature sweet smile. The cuteness in her voice made my lips broaden and legs to come into motion instantly.
   “Ooooooo”, everyone cooed together and giggled. And other than this Ooooooo, were ‘Alone time, haan, haan..,’ ‘Let us know if you plan to kiss my friend on the beach Mishi. We don’t want to miss this beautiful site,’ ‘Making out on the beach is my all-time fantasy, Wow!…’
   Punching them I walked towards her while she waved a temporary good bye to everyone. She tucked her hand into mine as we started walking.
   There wasn’t much crowd as it was a non-season time. And thanks to mother nature, the breeze now had a pinch of coolness to it.
   We started walking when the rocking sound of guitar caught my ear. Far away a college group was playing ‘The summer of 69’. I paused and smiled looking at Mishika, swaying my head in circles making a hip-hop pose. She smiled back dragging me forward. We took our floaters in our hands walking slowly towards the water on the wet sand. The sun was almost gone and stars had thrown away the bed sheet where they were hiding for long time now to come out and greet us. Farther we went from the lights of the beach shack, our eyes gathered more of the gorgeous sky sparkling with zillion stars.
   “Are you enjoying here baby?” I asked. She put her head on my shoulder before saying anything. When a girl does something like that, one better be careful. Either she is very happy, or she is not. And if it’s the latter one, you are seriously screwed up.
   “Hmm,” she said.
   “What do you mean by hmm? It seems as if something is bothering my shona baby. Tell me what is it?” Keeping my fingers crossed I asked. She nodded.
   “Tell me baby if there is something.” O Lord, have mercy on me. Please make her say no one last time. I thought after realizing my mistake of asking the same question again.
   She nodded again before she started saying. This is the trick am telling you, these girls always play. They want you to believe you won and that everything is fine, before they start hitting some home runs making you realize that you never stood a chance of winning.
   “Actually Rishi, something is bothering me.” See, I told you na. Badummba…. That was the sound of my ‘all is well’ castle collapsing. “That’s why they say, think positive. I myself direct the charging bull towards me, smiling and dancing with a red flag in my hand. Enjoy now,” I said to myself holding her hands softly.
   “What is it sweetheart? What’s bothering you?” I asked hoping her reason of trouble not to be me.
   “Your attitude towards me. It has changed from the day we came here,” she said by gently kicking the water. I made a poker face trying to grasp this and understand how is that so.
   “I… I am the same Rishi, who I was before coming here. What has changed in me shona baby?” I asked trying to sound cute.
   “Umm. How should I explain that Rishu? Recollect everything from when we came here and analyze your behaviour na.”
   These girls, uff! They can talk nonsense throughout the day, but when it comes to explaining something, they don’t have words. ‘Don’t know’ is their by default answer when it comes to explaining their feelings, as is ‘tathastu’ a default one when Gods get happy with you and grant you a wish. My Goddess here is certainly not happy with me.
   “Baby then also? Try to explain na. I mean, see.. I am waking up every day when you want me to, I am eating what you want me to, even I came for this amazing walk without having a beer. See. How have I changed? I am the same obedient, mad-in-love-with-you-Rishi, my love.” Amazing walk, is that what I said? Really????
   “Okay, tell me why were you constantly watching that foreigner in the disk yesterday?” she threw a bouncer at me.
   “Arey sweetheart. I was… Umm..” I stammered thinking for an instant answer.
   “Yes, I was watching her. As you keep on asking me na, is this earring looking good on me, will that skirt suit me. So to gain some knowledge. And I was wondering, why was everyone looking at her, maybe she was looking good, I thought. But I am telling you, she was not. SHE WAS NOT! And you, you were killing everyone by your looks and moves baby. You silver deep neck top, and your tight denim skirt was jelling perfectly with your open, free flowing hairs. Uff! Thank God, there was no police around. Otherwise they would have arrested you for killing guys by your looks.” I surely hit this one for a six. She blushed, but for nanoseconds. Before I could have relaxed, she threw another question ball at me.
   “But then, your eyes were glued at her for like, a really long time? It took you sooo long to look at her earring and dress?” she asked, her eyebrows raised. Oh! I got caught on the boundary.
   “Sweetheart, the light was dim. It took me some time to have a clear look at her.” Yes! The catch was taken but it was a six anyway, as the fielder had already crossed the boundary.
   “But Rishu, is this how you are going to make me happy when I will be sad after marriage?” Now what, does she want me to dance right now, or maybe sing a song, I wondered. And what the hell did I do in the first place. I mean appreciating beauty by looking at it, is what we boys do just like breathing in, breathing out.
   “Okay. Tell me, what do you want me to do?” I asked looking at her in her eyes making a not-so-happy face. She melted. Her piercing eyes softened, her face looked calm. Maybe because she emptied her feelings out.
   “Kiss me now,” she replied instantly in a stern yet cute voice.
   “What?” I asked. My eyes popped out of it’s socket hearing her fear-factor-India kind of demand.
   “Yes! I want a kiss ‘abhi ke abhi’, right here, right now,” she reaffirmed taking her hand out of my hands, running away before turning towards me. She stood still with her legs open, hands on hips, shrugging her shoulders. She was looking like a cute, little, naught, sexy girl, all at the same time.
   I looked around. There were almost half a hundred unknown faces. Since the moon was not in it’s full glory, we were neither completely visible, nor spot lit.
   There was a family playing nearby to where she was standing. I pointed towards them looking at Mishika. She nodded in disagreement, making her intentions clear. She was stubborn, she wants it now. I turned my face towards the other side to see some teenagers laughing their ass out and throwing water at each other.
   I smiled looking at her, my hands on my waist now. Now it was my turn to run towards her. I did, and took hold of her face. Her cold cheeks were resting now in my palms. I took a deep breath before taking my face closer to hers. We could feel each other’s breath and the racing hearts. Our eyes were locked, our bodies feeling the cool breeze and there was wetness in our feet. My eyelids lowered, and gently I kept my lips on her soft, warm lips. We started kissing each other, forgetting if the world around us even existed.
   All she wanted was my attention. She wanted to feel special. She was special. I love her to the extent that I’m willing to do anything to make her feel the luckiest girl in the world.
   For a moment, my heart wandered to all the precious people of my life. I wonder, this is the feeling which everyone special in my, and our lives deserve. How wonderful would it be, if we give surprise gifts to our parents without waiting for any occasion? It can be appreciation and acknowledgement by any means for the enormous love they shower on us in infinite ways. And also to our siblings and friends. They too deserve to be felt special. Shall we wait for them to ask for it like my sweet, beloved Mishi asked for it? Am sure, they wouldn’t.
   The kiss that turned into a deep smooch brought me back to the present. I don’t know how long it was before I opened my eyes, still kissing her, to see if the world around us has already evaporated or is still there.
   Everyone I could see, was smiling looking at us with eerie twinkle in their eyes.
   The aunty near us had her hands on her kid’s eyes, smiling looking at her husband. His husband blew a kiss at her.
   Mishika opened her eyes too. We paused for a moment. She smiled, I kissed again, only to realize I kissed her teeth this time. Our lips broadened.
   And I held her tip toed body tighter and closer with both arms around her. We closed our eyes in the midst of showering moon shimmers with a brilliant star-studded night and the soothing music of waves to get lost into each other, once again.
   After a kiss full of love and bliss that lasted for ages, we started walking again. Mishika’s head leaned on my shoulder, hand cushioned in mine, her chest hugging my biceps.
   She looked up to me and said, “I love you Rishi.”

   “I love you too my love,” I said giving a peck on her forehead.

   Dear God! Please don’t make her do such stunts anytime soon again.
   But seriously, I love this honesty of hers, and.. I simply loved this moment, this amazing ‘kiss of life’. It was nothing less than magical. God, I love this stupid girl to death.
   “C’mon sweetie, let’s go to the disk. I wanna move and groove now,” Mishika said with enormous happiness in her eyes.

See, it worked! 🙂

   Are you guys wondering, how we fell in love for the first time? Like, wanna know our story from the beginning??
   JUST HOLD ON THEN.. Until next, hasta la vista from Mishika and myself.

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  1. It’s a beautiful story. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts or wait till an occasion to show someone that they are special. Simple gestures do mean a lot too. Thanks for the short story! It’s kind of reminder to myself too.

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    1. Thank you dear Pria for your appreciation. The moment you said U felt things happening in front of you is where I as a writer felt successful. Keep reading 😊😄

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    1. Thank you for a detailed description. You are kind. Yes, girls will be girls and men will be men. 🙂 . Btw I am not the hero of this tale (I mean kissing openly on a Goa beach needs guts. I dunno if I have it. 🙂 ).

      Glad to see that you are excited about the novel as well. Keep reading and also keep writing.

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      Btw, next part (Let’s fall in Love, again) is already out. DM for link or click here on Short Stories. 😄

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