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The air was filled with sounds of clashing swords, sparks flying by and heavy breaths. Skin drenched in hot sweat and eyes focused on opponent was the view in that jungle that was rumbling with a noise of its own. Our fight superseded everything.
   “Where the hell on this planet earth do you get these amazing powers from?” I asked the Superhero.
   I Meera, am the newly joined girl (only) associate of the Superhero. I have completed seventeen amazing years of my glorious life. Today, I am in my black rugged jeans that hid my slender legs perfectly, with a loose orange tee that’s peeking through my half-sleeve denim jacket hung just till my curvy navel.
   “You really want to know this now?” The Superhero asked.
   “Yessss!” I replied panting. My voice muted the sound of clashing swords for a nanosecond.
   In the moment, I felt myself to be beauty in action. Yes! If anyone would see me fighting like this, he could die watching my beautiful moves.
   What? Wait.. Superhero is taking advantage of my wandering thoughts. Let me teach him a lesson.
   Oh my, my.. His powerful blow made my sword flew off instantly leaving me unarmed and agape.
   “Are you sure girl?” His sword tip pinched my soft as cheese neck. My throat felt dry. Gasping and sweating, I wanted to nod. But the thought of sword making way for fountain of my blood made me stand still. Trying to fake a smile, I affirmed with my beautiful green eyes. Did you notice the word ‘beautiful’? Yes, my eyes are beautiful, as the superhero said to me the first day I walked in.
   Finally, after freezing my body for what felt like a decade, he took his sword down allowing me to catch my breath.
   I ran and sat on a tree trunk diverting my focus to the beauty that surrounded me. It was dusk and the about-to-vanish sun rays painted our faces with a tinge of orange. Little kids of breeze started playing on our faces.
   “Power. We think is something given to us Superheroes as a boon,” he said throwing water bottle towards me. His voice filled up the evening jungle.
   “Is it not?” I asked, trying a failed attempt to get hold of the bottle.
I leaned forward to pick it up with added disappointment. By the way, why can’t he do anything in a normal fashion? Why he has to be this dramatic every time?? Huh!
   “See, how you missed this bottle. Do you think you don’t have the boon to catch this? Surely not. Now, would you learn if I throw it to you every day? Your answer will be, of course, yes. Right?”
   “Hmm.” I nodded pouring water inside of me to soothe my dry throat.
   “Good that the bottle stunt was part of some teaching. Otherwise I would have knocked him out for this the next time,” I mumbled.
   “Did you say something?” he asked raising his eyebrow sitting on a huge tree trunk that leaned on the ground.
   “N..Nope. Please continue.”
   “Do you know, how do some people who are under estimated in their early ages prove everyone wrong in their career later?” I curled down my lips, shrugging my shoulders with a I-don’t-know-face. Actually, I know him very well. These are the type of questions he wants me not to answer. Better I keep quiet and listen. By the way, when will I be able to grab the food we cooked together a little while ago? Rats are rumbling inside my tummy.
   He continued, “that is by the power of ‘Practice with consistency’. You know, Napoleon had a very strange way of torturing the prisoners to take out secrets from them?”
   “Napoleon? That Charlie Chaplin body double?” I asked giggling.
   “Focus girl,” he said in an authoritative tone.
   “Oops! Sorry.”
   “The prisoner was made to sit on a chair with his hands tied and his head bending backwards. There used to be a yellow bulb exactly above his head. He devised such an arrangement that one water droplet used to fall on the prisoner’s forehead after every fixed interval, let’s say sixty-seconds. The prisoner’s position was fixed such that the drop falls every time almost at the same place on forehead.”
   “How is this a torture?” I asked with a towel in my hand.
   “As the time progresses, the fall of droplet starts feeling like a stroke of hammer. The wait for drop to fall, becomes amazingly painful,” he said looking point blank in my eyes.
   “A..Are you trying to intimidate me? You know, ee…every third person these days is dying of heart attacks?” Now my focus started shifting from the adventurous-jungle training to a torturous-without-any-food training.
   He busted out laughing to make me feel comfortable. He really thinks he is smart, and to a contrary, THIS TIME HE IS. I am feeling a bit relaxed now. I just love when he laughs his heart out. He looks so.. what should I say? Better I focus again.
   “Nope, I am making you understand the power of consistency. OK. Let’s take another example. Can you imagine a simple stream of water cutting a huge rock?” He paused for a second for me to answer.
   “Simple stream of water, means, really simple? You mean of a river, right?”
   “Yes. It cuts through the rock. No matter how big the rock is. That’s the power of practicing every single day. You can become the master of any art by consistent practice and effort.”
   “I also do one thing daily by the way. Have I become master at it?”
   “What?” he asked surprisingly.
   “Eating.” This time I laughed my ass out.
   “You surely are. Then you do a lot of other stuff like this too. ” He smirked saying.
   “But seriously, it’s an interesting theory to hear. Please tell some more of it.” My gaze is now fixed on him with sincerity in my eyes.
   “I believe, giving an hour to something every single day for five years, can make you world-class at that. Provided, you put effort to excel at it every day. And yes, choose something you love doing and are good at. Otherwise, this world is full up of mediocrity.”
   “Wow. Did you just say world-class? That can even make you a lot of money. Hmm.” I sighed with dollars in my eyes.
   “Yes. Why not?”
   “Now can we get to the food please before I die?” I smiled taking a step towards the meat which was impossible to resist anymore.
   The Superhero threw a sword that crossed my ear from a distance of merely an inch, yes, you are right, JUST AN INCH, making a woof sound. My heart was in my mouth, my eyes wide open. I instantly turned back.
   And the snake behind me got stuck to the tree with sword through his mouth.
I blinked my eyes to come back to the present. Standing on the edge of the seventy-floor building rooftop, I turned my head to a ninety-degrees. I smiled looking through the neighborhood window again at the little girl who was learning to walk. Her mother stood at a safe distance to catch her if she falls. The view made me time travel to my training days. I smiled, my masked eyes became smaller than the usual. The free-flowing breeze touched my body and my black leather outfit. I the Superwoman, turned my head to look straight, and jumped on the next building to fight with the monsters trying to infiltrate my city with drugs.

                               THE END!

Author’s Note:
Thank you for your immense love to all of my short stories (Three till now) and NanoTales (Oops! Don’t even remember the count. They are posted every Wednesday and Sunday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Humbled by your love. If you missed any of the short stories, find the ‘Short Stories’ tab here. And don’t forget to leave a review.
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   As a bonus, I am sharing with you the sneak peek into episode two of Rishi and Mishika’s Love Story.

   Finally, if you are waiting to hear something about my debut Novel, stay connected.
Lots of love

Rohit Dawesar

A sneak peek into ‘LOVE STORY OF RISHI & MISHIKA- Episode 2′:

   “Umm? Hello… Mishika?”
   “Haan.. Rishi. Hi! When will you be reaching here tomorrow?” I asked yawning.
   “Tomorrow? I am standing in front of your building’s elevator. What’s your flat number. And which floor?” Rishi said with a surprised tone.
   “But now it’s night Rishi. You are supposed to come in the morning? Don’t bluff me. See you tomorroooow. Good nightttttttt,” I said sounding sleepy than ever, turning London-Tokyo on my bed.
   “Ooooo hello. Open your eyes stupid girl. It’ already seven in the morning. Tell me which floor is it babe?”
   I struggled to open my eyes, another struggle was to find the cell phone now. I searched for it here and there only to realize that it was on my ear. Eyes half open, I looked at the time. He was right.
   “Oh! Shit. It’s seven. Welcome to Mumbaiiiiiiii. Seven.” I said getting up as quickly as possible.
   “Yes. It’s seven O’clock. Which floor Mishikaaaa?” Rishi asked smilingly but with an irritated tone.
   “I said na, seven.” I shouted back.
   “Oh! Yes, seventh floor it is. Lift man, please take us to the seventh floor.”
   “Lift man? When did they appointed a lift man here? Are you even in the right building?” I asked, surprised.
   “Aree. I was talking to myself. Now keep the phone you stupid girl.” Rishi cut the phone, a beep sound bursting my ear followed.
   I quickly started changing my shorts which was really short, I mean, REALLY SHORT. Phone again started dancing and chirping with Rishi’s name on it.
“Now what?”
“Flat number?”
“Oh! Yes, it’s seven-O-five. Sorry, didn’t tell you earlier. Hihi.”

Bell rung as I giggled.

(For full story, just hold on until 06/08/17).

Until next time, ciao! 😊

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    1. Aww. That’s so sweet of you. Thanks a lot, Rekha for reading. Happy to know that you loved this one too. 😊

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